Best Ways To Get Back Bum After Pregnancy

Once the pregnancy is over, some women are left with two things a baby and a flabby butt. Through the pregnancy the body begins to store extra fat into the butt, thighs and tummy. But once the pregnancy is over and tummy belly begins to shrink, the most frustrating fat resources are left at the rear part.

Shaping the post pregnancy flabby butt requires some commitment, there is no simple ‘magic’ trick which will make the saggy butt become a runners butt. But there are several options to tone the butt, shape it and firm it so it gets the nice round shape you want it to be.

The Hard Way To Shape Post Pregnancy Butt

The hard way, which may be very rewarding is to do a stepper exercise. You can get rid of a huge butt by using a stepper or elliptical machine at home a few times a day.

The main advantage stepper machines and ellipticals have over treadmills is that they workout the butt muscles! While running will tone hundreds of different muscles steppers and elliptical machines focus mostly on the butt muscles.

Buying an elliptical machine can not only make the soft but go away, but can firm the arms, abdominal and improve the cardio fitness.

While most motor operated elliptical machines cost $300-$900, the Gazelle Edge is a folding wonder machine, with has 90% of the features expensive machines have, but outranks them for simplicity, size and beats them by a better price! The Gazelle Edge is a low cost brilliant elliptical machine, which is a best seller in the elliptical category.

The Easy Way To Shape a Flabby Butt

Most moms know they will not charge the elliptical machines to get their firm butt. As mentioned before, working out takes time and sweat and most of the new moms are too tired to hit the road and train for hours to be firm again.

For those moms who have less time and energy to invest in the firm-butt-project, there are new methods to shape the rear part of the body.

New technologies have been found effective when using electric stimulations (EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulation) to workout muscles. Small pulses shake and shiver the muscles causing them to workout without the sweat and tears of gyms.

All you need to do is to wear the belt with the pads as instructed, and the Electronic Muscle Stimulation will exercise the butt muscles. Many people use this method to tone abdominal and arms from flabby muscles with great success.

The main pros are:

  • It is too easy not to try.
  • No sweat and no pains.

This method is totally safe and is cleared by the FDA

The cons:

  • You will not be able to tone other muscles like when exercising the Gazelle Edge.

* Too tired to do 30 minutes of stepper a day, get the Flex Mini Buttocks Workout– to tone & firm your post pregnancy butt.

Just Hide The Saggy Butt

If the pregnancy has left you a saggy butt, and you do not want to ‘get rid of it’. You can always choose just to hide it away until the metabolism will recover your body back. A temporary solution is wearing a post pregnancy slimmer. These tummy and butt shapers are made of silky micro-fibers which support the butt and tone everything back to place.

You can wear them everyday like most women do, or just to special occasions. Seamless butt shapers are worn by many celebrities who need to show a firm round butt while walking the red carpets wearing a million dollar dress. You can afford a butt shaper which will help you look good and feel even better until your body will consume the fat resources kept at the rear side.


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