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Why does my throat hurts when I wake up

Is your throat dry, itchy, or itchy? Does it hurt to swallow? These are symptoms of a sore throat. You may think you are down with the virus. but in case you do now not sense ill and do not have a fever, but you continue to awaken with a sore throat, there can be other reasons. Sore throat causes: ...

What cause a feeling of Pressure behind Eye

The feeling of pressure behind your eyes does not always arise from the problem within your eyes. It usually starts in the other part of your head. Although eye conditions can cause eye pain and vision problems, they do not usually cause depression. Even glaucoma, caused by excessive pressure ...

8 Downsides of Drinking Apple Juice

Everyone knows that apple juice is a highly healthy food as it supports hydration having vitamins in it which are also helpful in protecting your brain. However, it also has pros and cons that will create potential health risks if it takes in excessive quantity. Some of the downsides of drinking ...

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