Breast Pain During Pregnancy: Symptoms and Solutions

You need to understand that pregnancy hormones like estrogen and progesterone cause most of your pregnancy women breast. They are also the ones to blame for your sore breasts and tender nipples.

Estrogen and progesterone cause some body tissues to relax and get soft, this is important so the body could expand and allow the belly to grow. But this cause some side effects which can not be avoided.

Inside your breasts the blood circulation is increased by additional blood vessels. New fat layers are created from which the milk glands will be prepared for breastfeeding the baby when it is delivered. These cause inner sore and tenderness as the breast get enlarged.

The good news is that the pains reduce after the first trimester. And they will get back to their normal size after a few month when the breast feeding is over.

How to Reduce Pregnancy Breast Pains

The most important thing which could assist you to relieve breast pains is to get a new well fitted bra. The bra should be a supportive bra, which is comfortable under the arms with soft cups and wide straps. Ill fitting bra cause pressure on the breasts, stress on the tender nipples, and will keep the pains even when the bra is off.

Watch out from bras which have under wire, you most certainly need a soft maternity supporting bra. There are couple of these at Amazon which have been getting great reviews by other pregnant women, one of these bras will be a fine solution for you too.

Share The Breasts Discomfort With Your Partner

Men love breasts, they love to touch them. But at the first trimester it is important to share the discomfort with your partner so he knows that you are suffering. Touching and holding the breast should wait until the tenderness fades at the second trimester.

Find other ways for lovemaking and pleasuring each other. Once your partner is aware of this situation he will be more gentle and you will be more comfortable.

Do Warm Showers For Breast Pains

Some women found that showering their breasts with warm water in the bath relieve the pains. It could be that the warm water relax the tension, expand the blood vessels and calm the discomfort. It is important to note that some women have found just the opposite, that warm showers make the breasts even more tender. So it is up to you to try and find out if it helps.

Shield Your Nipples With Breast Pads

One trick which could reduce much of your agony and pain, is to shield the inner part of your bra with soft pads to prevent them from touching the bra fabric. In many cases the bras have seam line and decoration which can irritate the nipples. You should either get soft pregnancy bras which are seamless, or place soft pregnancy pads inside your regular bras.

Sleep With Your Soft Bra

In order to keep breast friction and movements to the minimum, it is recommended to sleep in a pregnancy bra. Instead of the breasts crushing and the nipples pressed on blankets, keep everything tucked away nice in a soft cotton bra. Get a couple of those at Amazon you will need them now and for the year to come.

All these tips will help you manage through the first trimester and reduce the tenderness and discomfort.

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