Medical compression stockings during pregnancy

Here you will learn more on how to wear a compression pantyhose for pregnancy. These maternity compression pantyhose will help you reduce the discomfort and cosmetic agony of varicose veins or spider veins during pregnancy.

Spider veins and varicose veins are common side effect of the hormonal changes you feel in your body at the first trimester of the pregnancy. The vein’s walls and valves are weaker due to the progesterone relaxing effect on the body.

Blood volume is increased during the first stages of pregnancy, which causes the blue veins to be seen across the breasts and abdominal.

Compression Pantyhose During Pregnancy

In case you have to be standing long periods of time or sit long hours at work, you might be raising your risk to develop pregnancy veins at lower body area. If you are overweight and pregnant, you are at a high risk for varicose veins to appear.

The first thing you might want to do is begin exercising! When you body is in motion circulation increases and blood flow reduces the varicose symptoms. You can use a treadmill for pregnancy workouts or get a folding elliptical machine to do 60 minutes a day of mild activity.

Which Compression Pantyhose is Best For Pregnancy

Compression Pantyhose are designed so that they are more tight at the lower part and have less compression at the top. The graduate change in the compression level helps the weak valves at the superficial veins to pulse the blood through more effectively.

The high compression at the bottom of the compression pantyhose prevents blood to pool and swell the veins.

Compression garments help blood circulation and venous efficiency. They can be bought in different sizes to fit all sorts of pregnancy body sizes and weight. From small to XL.

Unless you have a physician prescription you should buy only a mild level of compression. You will find them as 10-15 mmHg and 15-20 mmHg. The mmHg shows the level of compression at the bottom and top of pantyhose.

One of the leading brands for pregnancy compression pantyhose is Jobst. Jobst has the Ultra Sheer Maternity Pantyhose which is a full leg compression with a pregnancy top. The maternity pantyhose has a moderate compression 15-20mmHg which means it can be bought without a doctor prescription.

If you like to have a sexy styles compression pantyhose as you have seen in the video, here is the Sigvaris Sheer Fashion Maternity Pantyhose 15-20mmHg . Like the Jobst Ultra sheer you saw above they have a moderate compression level 15-20mmHg which mean you can buy them without a prescription.

  • Controlled, graduated support with a contemporary look
  • Incredibly sheer, soft and stylish
  • Comfortable foot and toe area
  • Easy to put on – ideal for pregnancy
  • Updated fashionable colors and new Jersey knit design

The  Sigvaris Sheer Fashion Maternity Pantyhose has a stylish design which will help you feel good during your pregnancy and not worry about the pregnancy veins which are swelling down the legs. The Sigvaris Sheer Fashion Maternity Pantyhose can be ordered in natural, suntan or sexy black. Buy from Amazon

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