How To Hide Spider Veins With Concealers?

It can be quite easy to hide spider veins using concealer make up. Though spider veins condition can be a men’s problem too, in most cases it is a feminine skin disorder, and will most probably be seen on women’s leg, feet, neck or face. Spider veins and broken capillaries are not dangerous and except the cosmetic issue they pose no medical threat. Buy the Cream from Amazon

Spider veins can develop when the blood vessels expand, due to weakening vein’s walls or valves. Most young women who develop spider vein will be pregnant women, as it is a very common pregnancy symptoms. Spider veins can be seen as tiny blue or reddish lines just below the skin. Spider veins appear usually where the skin is thin:

  • Around the ankles
  • Around and behind the knees.
  • On the thighs and inner thighs.
  • On the face – Chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Why Regular Make Up Concealers are Not Effective

Regular make up concealers can hide successfully ONE negative color tone. There are concealers which can cover red colors like acne or pimples, concealers which can hide brown spots like age spots, concealers for black spots etc…

Unlike other skin imperfections, spider veins are more difficult to hide. Regular make up concealers are made to cover skin tone differences but not camouflage large skin areas with blue lines running under.

Traditional beauty concealers are designed to conceal mainly facial discolorations and not body blemish. Body PH is not the same as facial PH so the regular concealers will nor preform as expected on the feet, knees, calf as over the chin.

Regular beauty concealers are not meant to be used stand-alone, but need another make up layer which needs to be applied after it.

Professional Spider Veins Concealers

Because of this for concealing spider veins there is a need for professional concealer and theater make up foundations. You will see most spider veins professional concealers will come in a larger tubes than beauty concealers.
They are intended to be covering larger skin surfaces daily. They are usually more oily because they need to cover dry skin areas with no natural greasing.

Spider veins cover up creams usually consist of a higher level of pigment, they are water proof, so they do not run down under sweat.

The main challenge is usually to create the perfect blend for these concealers. Do not be discouraged if the concealer tone is not perfect. Remember it is only a base color, it will be covered with a make up matching your skin tone.

Most people who are not make-up artist do not know how to hide spider veins and other tough skin problems. Make-up artists use a concealer pencil under the cream concealer.

The pencil can be used to cover exactly over the lines of the spider veins. The concealer pencil can be matched to eliminate the exact spider vein color – red? blue? purple?

  • For red veins look for a green contrast concealer pencil.
  • For the blue/purple veins you will need a yellow tone or light orange tone.

If the pencil is too dry warm it up by drawing lines over the back of your palm. It should run smoothly over the vein lines.

How to Use Professional Concealers for Spider Veins Cover Up

Follow these guidelines if you plan to use concealer makeup to cover spider veins. It might take you longer at first, but once you become trained it will take you less time to get prepared before you leave.

1. The skin must be clean and moisturized.

2. Begin by covering the spider veins with the concealer pencil. For blue veins – yellow concealer, for red veins – green concealer. Follow the veins blue lines with the pencil until you have covered all the main web-comb veins. Use your finger or sponge to pat the pencil lines so they are less distinct.

3. Apply the concealer cream or makeup. If you are covering spider veins on legs or thighs, than you will need to use the concealer cream foundation. If you are covering facial spider veins, apply the make up over the concealer pencil lines. Use tones which are as closest to your natural skin color.

4. Use a damp sponge, do not smudge, pat the make up to blend it in. Let it absorb.

5. If the foundation is too thick (clay..) warm it up by mixing a small layer over the back of your palm, when it gets softer, apply it with a sponge.

6. For facial spider veins makeup do not forget to cover with powder. Use a transparent powder.

Do not worry if it seems complicated, it is not, soon you will be a wizard in hiding spider veins under concealer and make up.

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