How to Reduce Back Pains During Pregnancy

Many women suffer from back pains during pregnancy. The changing of body mass and increasing weight cause stress and tension on lower back.

There are couple of tips which can help relieve pregnancy back pains like proper standing posture, correct technique for lifting heavy objects and wearing low heal shoes.

There is one item which is usually overlooked and that is the “Tush-Cush” which is a cushion which is placed on the chair you sit for many hours (like the office chair or car seat).

What makes this cushion special is the shape. The cut out of the cushion helps it relieve back pains and numb buttocks and other sitting discomforts.

The cut out allows proper position for the lower spinal cord, and when there is less tension on the lower spinal structure most of the lower back pains can be relived.

The cut out is positioned under the tailbone, also known as coccyx. The tense free helps reduce  pressure on lower lumbar discs. The cushion shape tilts your pelvis forward to restore spine’s natural lumbar lordotic curve.

Best Car Seat Or Office Chair Cushion For Pregnant Women

Because of these three unique features:

  • The cut out shape,
  • The tilt positioning,
  • High-resilient polyurethane foam which won’t flatten with use,

It is ideal for pregnant women for their everyday use. Most of the working women either sit for hours in their desk, or sit in their car or sit at home after a long day’s work. No matter where you sit, it is better to sit on a supporting cushion or use a support pillow to reduce back pains.

There are plenty of sizes and colors for the Original Tush-Cush, if you drive more than hour each day to work (and an hour back) or sit on a chair for 3-6 hours a day, such a supporting item may assist you for a comfy pregnancy with less back pains than one might expect.

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