5 Simple Tips How To Relieve Pregnancy Back Aches

There are some ways to relive back aches during pregnancy. As expected during the pregnancy and due to the body changes, the natural posture and physics change and put a lot of strain on the lower back. You do not have to “learn to live with it” you can act and change this situation by following these 5 tips to relieve pregnancy back aches.

Tip # 1 Learn to Stand Tall

As your baby gets heavier your center of gravity shifts forward. This usually cause many women to arch their lower back, and the extra stretch certainly cause muscle aches!

This can be solved by learning the right posture during second and third trimesters of pregnancy: Lift your chest. Lean forward. Keep knees slightly bent. When standing up for long periods of time place one foot on a small step.

Try to avoid standing for long hours as this may cause varicose veins to erupt. Wear low heals shoes to get the best blood flow and muscular posture.

Tip # 2 Sit Down With Back Support Pillow

Even when sitting down your back is arched. It needs the ability to spread the weight and get support from a small back pillow you place on the chair you are sitting on. This lower back support, will ease the tense from lower back.

Tip # 3 Get The support Gear You Need For Home

You back is under lots of pressure. It carries your baby, it supports your body, it is the center of all your limb movements. Get the small gear which helps the back keep functioning by relieving some of the stress. Here are items which will make your life much easier:

A maternity belt – it supports lower back, and spreads the pressure by transferring stress to other parts which support the baby weight. Here is a support belt favored by thousands of pregnant women.

Lower back pillow – As mentioned above placing a small pillow behind your back when you sit and work or watch TV will ease the tension built up on lower back.

Pregnancy sleeping pillow – These large pillows allow women to sleep better and improve their blood flow by keeping legs slightly apart. A good night rest will relax back muscles too and relive back pains throughout the day. Check this full body sleeping pillow with Amazon 5 star rating.

Tip # 4 Do Not Lift Heavy Objects

These objects could be small children or heavy stuff at home (furniture or shopping bags). These movements are hazardous for your lower back and it is these movements which usually cause the downhill pain roller coaster. One bad move and then each small move adds to the on going pain. If you need to lift a heavy object, kneel down and bend your knees before lifting, do not bend over. Try to make the lifting motion as vertical as you can and not horizontal.

Tip # 5 Sleep On your Side Not On Your Back

Sleeping on the back may look comfortable at the second or third trimester, but when lying on your back the muscles are still not relaxed as they have to support the body weight and unborn baby weight. Try to sleep on your side, keeping one knee bent (like when standing up) or even two knees bent. For best sleeping posture place a pregnancy sleeping pillow between the knees.

If you follow these five simple tips you will feel a relieve to your back aches pains. For healthy pregnancy do some workout like walking or easy exercises to keep your blood circulation and muscles in motion.

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