Hyperextended knee: Symptoms and Treatment

Hyperextension knee, moreover known as “genu recurvatum”, takes place while the leg excessively straightens on the knee joint, putting stress on the knee systems and the decrease again of the knee joint. Hyperextension of the knee can arise in everybody. However, it’s extra common among athletes, mainly people who play football, soccer, snowboarding or lacrosse. It’s frequently the result of an immediate blow to the knee or forces generated during a brief deceleration or stop. Consistent with the yank magazine of sports activities, Medicine Trusted supply girl athletes have multiplied joint instability, putting them at more significant risk of knee injury than guys, particularly individuals who participate in high-threat sports activities.

At some point of hyperextension, the knee joint bends incorrectly, frequently resulting in swelling, pain and tissue damage. In extreme cases, ligaments which include the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), or popliteal ligament (the ligament alongside the back of the knee), can be sprained or ruptured.

Hyperextended knee symptoms

Instability of the knee:

After hyperextension harm, you may notice instability for your knee joint. Many human beings file emotions of their leg “giving out” even on foot or issue status on one leg.

Hyperextended knee pain:

Localized ache within the knee joint is predicted after hyperextension. Discomfort can vary from slight to extreme and usually will increase when ligaments or other structures are broken or torn. Pain is described as a mild pain to a sharp pain inside the lower back of the knee or pinching pain in front of the knee joint.

Decreased mobility:

you could have trouble bending or straightening your leg following a hyperextension injury. This could be due to swelling across the knee that can restrict how some distance you can pass it, in addition to the damage to the internal structures inclusive of the ACL, PCL, popliteal ligament, or meniscus.

Hyperextended Knee swelling and bruising:

After any damage, you could be aware on the spot or behind schedule swelling and bruising of the knee and surrounding location. This may be mild or extra excessive, and it limits your body’s manner of responding to the injured tissues.

Hyperextended knee treatment

Like many other gentle tissue accidents, it’s suggested to comply with the RICE principle following knee hyperextension.

Hyperextended knee rest:

stop the pastime that precipitated injury and search for clinical attention. Take a wreck from any excessive-depth or high effect activities and avoid any touch sports activities. A gentle variety of motion sports is quality at the moment. Anti-inflammatory medicines may be helpful to decrease swelling and ache.


Ice the affected knee for 15 mins more than one instance in keeping with the day. Ice can assist in bringing down swelling and controlling aches. Continually region a chunk of cloth or a towel among the ice and your pores and skin to prevent skin inflammation.


Compression of the knee with a compression wrap or elastic bandage can assist manipulate swell and reduce pain.


try to elevate your leg above your coronary heart each time feasible. Lie on a mattress along with your leg on a pillow or at the same time as relaxing in a recliner chair.


Even though much less commonplace, knee hyperextension also can bring about a tendon tear or rupture. ACL ruptures are the maximum commonplace tendon injury of the knee and may arise with extreme hyperextension. PCL and popliteal tendon injuries also can manifest with hyperextension and can require surgical repair as well.

Different knee systems like the meniscus can sustain harm during a severe blow, and it’s no longer unusual for more than one system to be damaged simultaneously.

Recovery time:

Recovery from a slight to mild sprain following a knee hyperextension harm can take 2 to 4 weeks. It’s crucial for this time to restrict activities that can similarly stress the knee and maintain swelling and pain.

Surgical reconstruction of an injured ligament frequently leads to complete healing and return to feature in an excessive percentage of cases. It’s considered the gold popular for ACL injuries but often brings with it a long recuperation time of 6 months or extra.

A physical remedy is vital to increase electricity and rehabilitate the knee and surrounding muscular tissues to pre-damage situations and help reduce recuperation time.

In step with an articleTrusted supply in Joints, other affected person elements like age, gender, weight, mechanism of harm and surgical technique can also affect recuperation time.


Knee hyperextension injuries can range from moderate stress to intense tendon damage. People who interact in high effect sports activities are at an elevated threat of knee hyperextension and tendon rupture.

Prevention of knee hyperextension includes maintaining ok energy in the muscle groups surrounding the knee, particularly the quadriceps, including a proper heat up and funky down before and after every workout or athletic occasion.

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