Good Posture during Pregnancy

In a non pregnancy situation the tension in the veins allows the blood pressure to push itself forward. When pregnant the veins walls and valves are weakened by the changes in the hormonal balance.

This means that the natural tension which supports the veins walls is damaged and the blood flow circulation gets defected.

When sitting with legs crossed, the superficial veins which send blood to the deeper veins get pressed by the muscular tonus. The compression which in a non pregnancy situation can not block the blood flow, during pregnancy can decrease the circulation.

Crossed Legs During The Day

One of the basic tips for pregnant women to avoid varicose veins  is to do mild activity daily, and avoid crossing the legs. When the legs are crossed during pregnancy the pressure builds up in several veins locations. A pregnant woman can cross her legs at work or at home, some sitting positions get the leg crossed, which can increase the symptoms of varicose veins.

  • Whenever legs are crossed, veins running from the lower abdominal through the vaginal veins gets squeezed. This may cause vaginal vulva veins to swell.
  • If legs are placed one over the other, one leg compress the other and the veins behind the knees get clogged.
  • Crossing ankles can cause tension all through the lower legs up to the groin veins too.

A pregnant woman who is in the risk group to develop veins disorder should be aware of their sitting position during the day. These women should keep the legs apart, avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time, to allow blood circulation to flow unsuppressed.

Sleeping With Legs Crossed During Pregnancy

The main problem begins at night. During the night sleep, a pregnant woman can be with her legs can be crossed for hours! The leg crossing is common at the side sleeping position.

The woman sleeps on her side, the hip is pressed at the mattress, and hip joints pain may be felt due to the same loosening effect.

The weight of the legs places pressure on the blood flow inside the veins, and the ankles are crossed. During the night all the three pressure points are compressed for hours.

This may cause the blood circulation to clog and pool. Pooling of blood inside the veins will cause them to twist & swell (the veins walls are more elastic and expandable).

How To Solve Crossed Leg Sleeping

Since many pregnant women have the same sleeping issue and the same pregnancy veins disorder, solutions have been developed. The most simple solution which is effective and not expensive, is using a pregnancy pillow.

The way the pregnancy pillow solve the crossed leg sleeping is by adding a support between the legs at night. The pregnancy pillow keeps the thighs slightly apart, so they are parallel and not crossed.

When the thighs are lifted, the vulva veins are not pressured. When the knees are kept on a soft layer the veins are not pressed to the other knee bone, and circulation allows blood to flow without interference.

Pregnancy Pillows

There are two main types of pregnancy pillows. A full body pillow and a legs pillow only. Branded pillows can cost over $130, but you do not need those. You can find very effective pregnancy pillows below $100.

The full body pillows allow a better snuggle, and support the large abdominal to be supported too. Many woman say the pregnancy pillow was a miracle for their pregnancy sleeping disorders.

When the legs are kept a part at night a pregnant women can wake up without to worry of swelling strings of veins appearing during the day.

Legs pregnancy pillows support just the knees and thighs and will do the same effect to reduce the pressure at night when sleeping on the side. Buy The Pillow From Amazon

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