Pregnancy Ball: Uses and Benefits

How to do med ball workout while pregnant. Here you will learn more about medicine ball exercised for pregnant women, and how to do it correctly and safely. Doing med balls can strengthen your core muscles and help you as labor training to be prepared for labor. 

 Medicine Balls Are Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Medicine balls are heavy balls that simply weigh, they can be bought at different weight levels starting at 4 pounds and all the way to 20 pounds.

Unlike metal weights (dumbbells or kettlebells) which can easily injure the person training, or can be dangerous to others when waved around, the med balls are designed for these exact exercises. Med balls are safe for pregnancy workouts because:

  1. They do not have metal parts,
  2. They are round and rather soft,
  3. They are easy to hold with two hands,
  4. Some of them can bounce,
  5. Can be thrown at one another,
  6. Can be used safely at home,
  7. Med Balls are safe for children,

 Med Ball Pregnancy Labor Workouts

Here is an example of a woman who shows how she trains with medicine balls while pregnant. The exercise she shows is strengthening her labor muscles with wide squats.

 Pregnancy Med Ball Exercises

General rule: use lighter weights than you would in a non-pregnant state.

Some obvious do’s and don’ts (some out of the Duh! box):

  • don’t start a new strenuous exercise program when pregnant and untrained
  • don’t experiment with some new training wonder thingie you saw on TV
  • don’t overtrain; listen to your body
  • don’t go on a weight-loss diet when pregnant
  • don’t let other people’s comments keep you from training
  • do eat regularly and go for real food, not crap
  • do consult your physician and PT
  • do listen to your body
  • do have fun when training
  • do take the time to recover

 Which Medicine Ball Is Right For You

Most people who train with med balls have 2-3 med balls so they can do different workouts with different weights. The basic medicine ball workout is a 6 pounds ball. If you are generally fit, you can add a 10 pounds ball, for full-body workouts. There are heavy balls, 26-20 pounds each, they are not for medicine balls pregnancy exercises.

The 6 pounds medicine balls are not too heavy so you can do many repetitions with them. Doing a number of sets is important for muscle strength and flexibility. You should be able to complete 12 rounds of each exercise.

Cheaper medicine balls do not have handles but are made from the same rubber and have a firm grip even when palms are sweating.

What is so great with med balls is that you can do the regular body motions, rotate sideways, and lean back, and forward. When you will do these holding a med ball you will feel how inner muscles get some of the weight and do core workouts.

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