Best Exercise to Reduces Pregnancy Veins Symptoms

What kind of Exercises for Varicose Veins in Pregnancy will help reduces the pregnancy veins and ease pains associated with the pregnancy veins. One of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy, is the appearance of pregnancy veins. As there are may guidance tips how to manage pregnancy veins and how to reduce pregnancy veins pains, one basic rule is to do mild exercise.

Any mild exercise will keep your blood circulation, and avoid pooling of blood which pop out as varicose veins. Check below which exercises will help reduce the painful pregnancy veins, and how to do them correctly in a healthy way for you and for your baby.

Do Some Walking Workout

In our modern world we drive everywhere, we take the elevators, we use Drive-Thru and order delivery. In order to reduce pregnancy veins try to keep a 30 minute walk schedule every day.

Walking is easy, walking is free, walking means the whole body is in motion at a mild pace. Do not do power-walking, it is as difficult as running, do a healthy walk, use your arms too at the walking pace, it will help the body keep it’s symmetric pace.

Early Pregnancy Exercise – Climb Stairs

When you are at the early pregnancy month do some easy stair climbing. Do it slowly, take your time, but keep going. Climbing stairs puts some more strain on the heart beat, which means your pump will be pumping harder.

Fresh blood circulation will wash through your veins and help prevent pooling at the lower calf. As your abdominal grows, 6-9 month this exercise will be more difficult to preform.

Cycling – Will Reduce Pregnancy Veins

During the advanced pregnancy month, the breasts growing heavy, the belly is getting big too, bouncing the body can cause breast pains  and back pains. Cycling is a very healthy exercise during ALL pregnancy month. The main advantage of cycling is that the body does not bounce like when running or walking.

Cycling exercise helps prevent pregnancy veins because the lower legs do the main workout, and the lower body blood flow increases dramatical! It is recommended like walking to do a 30 minutes exercise session each day to maintain a steady blood flow to the pelvic and lower legs.

There are two kinds of cycling, indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor cycling is more fun, because there is the fun of motion, the new scenery, the fresh air, and chance to meet other cyclists. But outdoor cycling during pregnancy have some down falls too: Cycling in cold or wet weather is not fun.

Cycling outside during pregnancy means there are chances of bumps and bounces which at some point can be extremely uncomfortable, and of coarse the dangers of road mishaps. Note that most of the outdoor bicycles have a chair which is too slim and uncomfortable for a long ride and you need 30 minutes a day for the cycling to be effective.

Indoor Cycling Exercises For Pregnancy Veins


Many women either work at home or watch over other smaller kids, and can not leave the house for a 30 minute bicycle ride each day. The most recommended way to keep the body in motion and reduce the pains and chance to develop pregnancy varicose veins is to use a home cycle trainer. These leg exercise sets have so many advantages, that it is a shame not to have a home cycle trainer at home.

Doing exercise while pregnant with home cycle machines, means a slow and steady ride. Avoid high spinning rate, because the ‘furious’ aerobic strain is not recommended during pregnancy. Set the resistance to a mild level, and paddle in ease. All you need is to keep the lower body in motion. A mild pace will help reduce the pregnancy veins at the calf and behind the knees.

Indoor cycle trainer will help you do more than 30 minutes a day, because once you place the trainer in front of the TV and you can do 60 minutes without any hassle. Using indoor cycling trainer during pregnancy means keeping a workout schedule even at cold or rainy days.

The trainer can be useful even after the delivery to help you get your body back and loose all the pregnancy pounds. If your husband will get on the home cycling trainer too, he might loose some pounds too and you will get a hunk partner

If you do not have a indoor cycle trainer, get one, take control of the varicose veins, the extra pounds and get your body back faster after the delivery. See this recommended Indoor cycle trainer.

Pregnancy Swimming Workout

Swimming at a mild pace is a good exercise for the whole body and for the lower legs. The water holds the body weight and the heart beat and breathing get in sync. Swimming may help reduce the varicose and spider veins during pregnancy at the lower body.

If you suffer from painful pelvic joints then you might want to consider to avoid the breaststroke swimming. Breaststroke swimming style may increase the pain.

Do a mild 20 minutes swim and rest. Unlike walking and cycling swimming puts the whole body in motion, so it needs to be done at a slow pace so the aerobic workout which pumps the blood through the veins could be carried out fully.

Exercises To Reduce Pregnancy Veins

As you can see there are many options for pregnancy veins exercises and workouts, most of them are totally free! Walking and climbing stairs can be done anywhere outside home.

Cycling and a reliable home cycling trainer can be used all year round and be used by all the family members. Swimming is relevant for those who know how to swim and have place to swim at close by.

Doing exercise during pregnancy not only will help you reduce varicose veins threat but will help you loose unwanted pounds during and after the baby is born. A fit body loses fat much faster than a lazy body. Take action! Start exercising this week!

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