Choosing Safe Baby Product: Changing Table (For Parent)

How to keep your baby safe at the changing table. In the US there are hundred of babies being injured every year fatal injuries when falling from the baby changing table or the changing dresser top.

These kind of accidents are easy to avoid and need only the parents personal care and basic knowledge of what can happen when a child is left unattended at the changing table.

Most of the changing tables accidents could have been avoided, if only the parents were aware of the simple steps which where needed, and/or used the safety measures which are part of the changing table kit.

The changing table falls are fatal falls for the babies, most of them fall head down! ending in severe head injuries.

In this short review you can read all the information we managed to gather concerning the safety of children, babies and toddlers on the changing table and around it. When you search for your new baby nursery furniture, please keep these tips and guidelines in mind.

Changing Table Border Rails

Most of the changing tables have border rails on the sides of the changing top. A baby changing top without the border rails is not a safe furniture for your baby. Babies when left on their back tend to move, slide, turn, bump, kick and hold anything they can grab. If the changing top does not have a baby safety railing the baby can easily slide and fall!

Check for 2-3 railings at least. Most changing tables will have 2 or 3 sides covered with safety railings, so before you buy a changing table, think where it will be placed in the house or in the room.

Changing tables with 4 sides covered by safety railings is the best you can find, it means that no matter where the baby is placed or turns, there will be a low border to keep them from skidding off.

Changing Tables Safety Straps

If safety straps would have been used, there would have been zero baby falls from changing table tops and dressers. Parents either do not buy the safety straps or at some stage stop using them. These straps are sold as part of the changing top or the changing mattress, they keep the baby in place when they are being changed.

Non-Slide Mattress Cloth

Some parents place the changing mattress on top of a dresser or some other table (without safety border rails), these mattresses can slide off if placed over polished wooden top. So even if the baby is strapped they still can bounce and move enough to slide of the table top! If the changing table is near a wall the baby can push is hands against the wall or hold some towel on another furniture and pull themselves (with the mattress) off the changing top!

Never Ever Leave A Baby Unattended

The most important rule in baby safety is never to leave them without parental observation, not even for a second! Most of the baby accidents happened when the baby was left ‘only for a second’ alone at the changing table. Parents leaving the baby for one minute and answered a phone call found the baby flipped over the changing table top. Never leave your baby at a high place without being there and without having one hand placed on them.

Keep Everything Close At hand

When changing a diaper for your baby or dressing them after a bath, make sure you have all the changing supplies close and arranged. If you do not have them all at hands reach, you will have to step aside or ‘just get them’ from the bath room and leave your baby unsafe and at risk.

Make sure you have extra diapers and extra close reachable, make sure they are easy to be reached with one hand, and if you have o look down a drawer, place the other hand over your baby so you could feel their movement while your eyes are somewhere else.

The best changing tables are changing tables with baskets and hampers and plenty of storage places easy to be maintained and refilled when empty.

Fix Baby Furniture To The Wall

Furniture can be heavy furniture, some of the common accidents happen when a changing tables fall over. These accidents happen when a bigger brother or sister tries to climb and watch their little brother or sister changed. Brothers or sisters have unexpected ways to climb, each can end up with both of them injured!

If the changing table is not fixed to the wall (they all come with the iron corners and assembly instructions for that) toddlers can cause them to fall over. They either open lower drawers and climb.. or stretch and grasp the top part and try to lift themselves causing the baby furniture to loose balance and fall.

Make sure the changing table is sturdy, thick and ‘heavy’, even if it is fix it to the wall. If it is moved around make sure the big brothers and sisters have another way to watch. Never leave them with a ‘big’ brother or sister instead of an adult!

Doors and Cabinets Safety

When the baby grows and starts crawling around the furniture, they will open and close the doors and drawers. Make sure you buy a changing table or baby furniture that has the safe mechanism for a soft drawer slide or anti-slam protection for doors.

Baby Furniture Non-Toxic Paints

When you buy a changing table, make sure the paints are all non-toxic paints according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and ASTM standards. Babies chew, scratch and breath the paints they are placed on, you do not want the baby placed over a lead paint coat and having a lead paint furniture at the nursery room.

Before you buy a baby furniture, check these:

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South Shore Furniture, Changing Table, Pure White

  • Safe corners
  • 3 open cases for convenient storage
  • This item is made of composite wood panels that carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
  • 5 year warranty

Stork Craft Aspen Combo Dresser

  • Steel drawer glides with safety stop
  • Round wooden pulls
  • Durable non-toxic finish, tipping restraint included

Change Tables Safety Conclusion

Keeping the baby safe when being changed or dressed is simple when these rules and guidelines are strictly kept. Most of the changing tables meet the safety standards so the parents have only to pick their favorite color and design. Parents should remember never to leave the baby unattended at the changing table, and 100% of the accidents can be avoided.

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