Transforming Your Butt into Strong Booty

There is no magic here, just plain workouts which needs to be repeated daily to achieve the desired results.
You can see these ideas for post pregnancy butt workouts by Live Strong.

Quadruped Leg Lift

Move to the floor and rest on your hands and knees. Lift one leg and keep the knee bent at a 90 degree angle. Raise the leg toward the ceiling until your back and your thigh are completely level.

Repeat for 12 repetitions and then switch sides. Avoid twisting your torso or hip — instead, focus on isolating the butt and stabilizing the rest of your body.


Holding a dumbbell in each hand, step up onto the box with your left leg. As your leg pushes you up onto the box, shift your weight to that side, then step back down on your right leg. Keep your right leg passive throughout the exercise, especially during the step-up phase. Repeat the step-up exercise with the left leg for 12 repetitions and then switch legs and repeat for another 12 repetitions.

15-30 Minutes Of Home Exercise Will Do It

The main pros of home resistance training is that you have different resistance levels (by colors) so you can begin with easy resistance and work yourself to the more difficult resistance for more advance workouts. There is no expensive noisy equipment to buy and the workout can be done anywhere at home.

If you do not have them yet, here are the Kinetic Resistance Bands for your home workouts. Get the Set of 4 Premium Stackable Latex Exercise Resistance Bands for full body, arms, butt, legs and abs workout. Working with resistance bands is both challenging and fun. You get this set with door anchor, ankle straps, carrying case, and exercise manual.


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