How To Treat Spider Veins During Pregnancy?

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is spider veins. Spider veins begin to appear at the early stages of the first trimester and can cause agony, pain and cosmetic discomfort. In this short review you can learn more about spider veins treatments during pregnancy, and learn more about natural ways to prevent and ease the pain and cosmetic discomfort.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are tiny blue, red or purple veins which can be seen just underneath the skin surface, spider veins show up usually at the legs, thighs, or over the face. This symptom is also known as Telangiectasia, which is a milder disorder of the ‘veins insufficiency’ or Venous Reflux where the walls of the veins are not tight enough to support the blood flow pressure. Spider veins can be seen as tangled veins that run criss cross like ‘spider web’ diagram.

It is believed that one out of three women would develop this condition sometime through their lifetime. In many cases the first time a women would see this will be when she develops spider veins during pregnancy month.

While many people do not know, spider veins are not varicose veins, these are two different disorders. Varicose veins are twisted veins and blood pooling blots which are not only bulgy and ‘ugly’ but they are painful too. They can develop as vulva veins during pregnancy and they need to be medically observed.

Why Spider Veins Appear During Pregnancy

There are several reasons why spider veins appear throughout the pregnancy trimesters. The first and obvious reason causing spider veins are the pregnancy hormones phostrogen and estrogen.

The hormones prepare the women’s body for the pregnancy body changes as the inner organs will expand and allow the fetus to grow. One of the ‘side effects’ is that the hormones relax and ease the veins and vein’s walls.

Other reasons in which spider veins may appear are at elderly people, due to the gens our parents gave us, general hormonal changes, over weight people tend to develop spider veins too, and people who work long hours on their feet, which cause strain on the blood flow.

There Is No Danger From Spider Veins During Pregnancy

In most cases the appearance of spider veins during pregnancy does not pose any risk or medical threat for the pregnant woman. Except for the cosmetic issue and the slight discomfort hiding the tiny blue veins net around the ankles or behind the knees, there is nothing to worry about. The Spider veins would disappear a few month after the delivery, when the body hormones are back to normal level.

It is worth to share your situation with your physician will probably tell you to be aware if the spider veins condition gets more severe and turns to varicose veins, which are more troubling than the current thin spider vessels net.

Which Treatments Are Not Allowed During Pregnancy

While non pregnant women and men have many options for treatments for the spider veins, like laser treatment or Sclerotherapy . These options are not preformed on pregnant women. There is no real danger to the pregnant woman, but there are not enough researches that it is safe either. The second reason is that most of the blue spider veins would disappear and fade by themselves.

Because it is a cosmetic procedure, doctors will usually postpone the spider vein treatment until after the delivery, and after breastfeeding is over, as sclerotherapy is not recommended during breastfeeding either.

How To Treat Spider Veins During Pregnancy

If the spider veins are troubling you, or you have a family history of pregnancy varicose veins, and wish to keep the spider veins from turning into varisosis disease, you may want to follow these guidelines.

Do Mild Exercise – Make sure you keep your body in motion, walk, jog, do cycling and keep your body moving, check with your doctor first before you do sports. The exercise will keep the blood circulating and will prevent the pooling and the veins weakness. If you want a splendid pregnancy exercising course check the Pregnancy Without Pounds program. Not only you will be healthy but your body will be able to loose the extra pounds more easily after the delivery.

Avoid Sitting Or Standing Long Periods Of Time – Many women work at jobs that needs them to either sit or sand long hours. This should be avoided when spider veins show during pregnancy. Try and walk around every hour (if standing), sit for a few minutes (if standing), stand and walk around or do leg exercises (if sitting) stretch legs, point toes.. place feet on some support. Avoid high heels!

Compression Stockings – Wearing some medical support hose or compression stockings. Please make sure you buy the low/mild compression level and not the high pressure stockings which are meant for varicose veins.

Dietary Solutions – There are dietary supplements and foods (like Vitamin C, Grape seed extract, Horse chestnut seed extract and more)which are known to improve the veins reflux functioning these can be taken ONLY after you have consulted your doctor.

Spider Veins Removal Creams – There are several Spider Veins Removal creams which can improve the spider veins condition, they can be bought at any online store. Like the supplements, you need to FIRST consult your doctor before using these creams.

Spider Veins Treatment Conclusion

The best advice is to do exercise and keep your pregnancy in shape. If the spider veins net can be hidden under the maternity cloth, try to forget about it, blame your parents. Wait until the new baby arrives, and soon the spider veins will fade away. The cosmetic medical treatments can be done only when you stop breastfeed, so the spider veins during pregnancy are just a discomfort you will need to learn to live with.

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