Best Pain Relief Treatment of Varicose Veins

As you might already know about the Varicose veins, the veins in the leg consist of one way valves which keeps the blood circulation flowing toward the heart overcoming the force of gravity. When the vein valves are healthy they prevent the blood back movement.

Occasionally, those valves turn into weak and are not able to avoid the reverse blood flow. This can happen as varicose veins during pregnancy and menopausal times, family genetics, age, weight problems, height, posture and hormone imbalances affect the valves strength.

This condition may lead the blood to pool within the leg veins, consequently leading to the swelling within the leg veins, making them bluish, enlarged, swollen and twisted blood vessels and painful.

For a some women blue veins are early signs of pregnancy and these can turn to veins during pregnancy which can be rather harmless, with the exception of the aesthetic issue. However for many other women varicose veins can be very soring and painful when walking or standing for a long period. Some might feel varicose veins pain at the legs even when trying to sleep.

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Varicose veins foot and leg pain

One of the best ways to deal with swollen veins which are painful to the touch and make both walking and standing quite uncomfortable, will be preventing their expansion.

You may want to consider mild physical exercises to help get rid of over weight, reinforce the muscles elastics and strength of legs, help blood flow circulation prevent varicose vein pain and swelling.

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When only slight pain usually of superficial veins, spider veins elastic support stockings works quite well. If the pain is disturbing some non-prescription anti-inflammatory anesthetics OTC can be used for temporary varicose vein pain relief.

Varicose Veins Sciatica Pains

Varicose veins sciatica pains are felt as pain down one leg due to pressure on a nerve root in the back, many attribute the pain to their varicose veins, when in fact it may be due to other condition. You have a muscle called the Piriformis muscle. This muscle has the sciatic nerve running through it or along side it some time when pressure is focused on the nerve pain can be felt.

Even if you are not a yoga enthusiast, some stretching of this muscle will ease the pain quickly ! Check more on yoga classic Downward Facing Dog position, this strengthens the back while it stretches the legs, and poses like triangle work the whole body together, strengthening and stretching the side of the body. Take note that if suffering from sciatica, pelvic inflammation you should avoid cold baths causing veins to shrink.

Varicose veins knee pain

Pain from vein behind knee can be resolved with some simple steps of prevention. Most important do exercise, keep your blood circulating by that avoid the pooling at the valves and the pain from swelling.

Try even at work not to take a seat for a long period, then consider small breaks to extend your legs and or best raise them above the level of heart for short while to enhance blood flow.

Hydrothermal therapy are traditional methods to treat varicose veins. You can find a hydrotherapy pool near you, or do a home hydro thermal compresses yourself. Warm compresses and knee douche can stimulate blood flow and help improve poor circulation and can easy varicose and spider veins pain. Besides all these, drink plenty of water, stop smoking, take enough vitamin C and E and refrain from crossing your legs at the knee while sitting.

Varicose Veins Ankle Pain

Usually at smaller spider veins symptoms of ankle swelling, heavy and sore legs, aching and restless leg syndrome. Those will show as blue veins clusters at the ankles. To relief pain try to avoid high heel shoes, do feet exercises, stretch legs at do not wear shoes with tight shoe laces. Spider veins stocking socks can help too.

Varicose veins dvt – Deep Venous Thrombosis

Deep venous thrombosis will need a more medical approach to relief pain. Non-surgical procedure like sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins, laser surgical procedure and radio frequency ablation might be needed.

Sclerotherapy involves inserting chemical substance to the abnormal vein in order to cause its shrinkage. Laser surgical procedure is closing ill veins with a laser heat projected inside the veins, so RF ablation do the same effect.

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