Ultrasound of the veins and vessels of the lower extremities (duplex sonography of vessels)

Diagnostic procedures at the Baltic Vein Clinic are carried out at a high professional level. Modern Premium class equipment from the world’s most famous manufacturers of medical equipment contributes to obtaining detailed and accurate results.

With any pathology of the vessels of the lower extremities, with edema of unclear etiology, the first thing that will help to make an accurate diagnosis is ultrasound of the vessels and veins of the lower extremities.

We reveal vascular pathologies using duplex sonography

The study, which is carried out in the clinic, is qualitatively different from the traditional ultrasound, which is familiar to many patients. Expanded vascular duplex sonography helps our phlebologists in the accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of vein pathologies .

Technique of the procedure for ultrasound of the vessels and veins of the lower extremities

Duplex sonography does not require any preparation of the patient. It is carried out by a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics in a specially equipped room. The whole procedure will take about 20 minutes. To obtain accurate results, the patient is examined in a standing position or in an inclined position with their feet down.

What the Doctor Sees

The doctor clearly sees all the results on the monitor screen. Moreover, duplex sonography gives an image in a two-color scale, which allows you to trace the patency of the vessels along the entire length.

With the help of duplex ultrasound, the doctor can:

  • Measure the counter flow of blood moving through your veins.
  • Determine the condition of the venous valves.
  • See changes and varicose damage to the vascular walls.
  • Diagnose thrombosis and other pathologies of veins.
  • Assess for venous reflux (backflow of blood).
  • Determine the scope of the operation, mark the access points for the surgeon.

All results are computerized and the patient receives a conclusion in a modern form.

Affordable service for international patients

If you are a resident of the CIS and went to the clinic only for duplex sonography, you are not mistaken. The price for this type of ultrasound diagnostics is significantly lower than that in other countries.

Moreover, the examination can be combined with the consultation of a phlebologist surgeon. In just one day, you will receive not only complete information about the health of the veins, but also options for optimal treatment if necessary.

Patients also benefit from the fact that the price of a second examination at the Baltic Vein Clinic is halved. For more information see the price list of the clinic.

Timely examination – high-quality prevention

The importance of duplex sonography for preventive purposes is invaluable. If you are at risk for vascular pathologies (heredity, overweight, condition after childbirth, etc.), a timely diagnosis will help you choose the tactics of behavior. Indeed, in the initial stages, both varicose veins and other vascular pathologies are successfully treated with conservative methods. Keep this in mind and check in on time.

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